Flash Fiction: Mask of Lies

By Nyx Knightley | There wasn’t much to do in a small Connecticut town like Dixon, at least not until you were old enough to drive. Before that milestone, the […]


Flash Fiction: Girl Talk

By MJ Kerr | Melody and Ava had been friends most of their lives they would tell you but if you had to trace it back to a start, their […]


Flash Fiction: Grim Truth

By Samantha Arthurs | “Let’s play truth or dare!” A collective groan went up from the group of girls gathered in Margie’s basement, all of them seventeen years old and […]


Flash Fiction: The River

There’s something wrong with Tommy. I’ve been noticing it for a while now, but I’m not sure how to tell my husband. How do you tell your spouse, your partner, […]


Flash Fiction: Tuesday

I watch her cross the well manicured lawn, taking the same path she takes ever first Tuesday of the month. She has not missed a first Tuesday in a long […]


Flash Fiction: Guardian

The Nightshade was a beautiful place at night, despite the dangers that lurked around every glimmering corner. The beauty didn’t negate the creeping feel of dread that permeated the place, […]


Flash Fiction: To Be Indeed a God

The hotel bed squeaked beneath him as he shifted positions, leaning back into a pillow that he’d placed between himself and the headboard. His legs were stretched out in front […]


Flash Fiction: Star-Crossed

“Well, that was pointless,” Prince Dorin muttered into the dark. Ignoring his father’s sour mood, Kato focused on controlling his mount. The warcorn wanted to throw him off and trample […]

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